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The Social Inbox: Making Social Media As Easy As Email

The Social Inbox is the easiest way to manage your social reputation online. With over 20,000 clients, it is one of the most used local business tools because it is simple, effective and affordable.

  • Focus on the specific actions you should take based on how customers are interacting with you throughout the web and how influential they are.
  • Look at what everyone is saying and doing with your social media and review sites and the Social Inbox tells you exactly what you should do.

The Social Inbox is architected to support large multi-location businesses managing thousands of individual locations and social media accounts. It enables each location to post separately while providing oversight, mass syndication and brand enforcement by central management. Want more info? Email us at

It’s that simple. The social inbox lets you focus on what’s important…so you can focus on your business.

Monitor what people are saying about your business from your social inbox

The Social Inbox is your all-in-one inbox for all social activity about your business. Read and respond to comments left on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


Reply by email

We know the one thing you check every day is your email, so why not manage your social media by email too? Never log into social media sites again! Works for Facebook and Twitter.


Daily email digest

Every morning LocalVox will send you a daily digest email recapping the recent activity for all of your social media accounts.


Manage everything via iPhone

Read and respond to comments, publish new posts, and monitor your keyword tracking results all from the palm of your hand. Whether you’re on the go, you can now stay on top of everything from your iPhone. The app is free for registered users. Get it here.


Let the Social Inbox help you

Our Suggestion Engine helps you work smarter by automatically suggesting things you might want to do. For example, the Social Inbox will monitor your new Twitter followers and tell you when a new follower has a high Klout influence score.

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