People Don’t Just Try MarketMeSuite, They Use It

Hi Everyone!

We’ve been so busy and haven’t blogged in a while so just wanted to give a quick update from MarketMeSuite HQ!

People Don’t Just Try MarketMeSuite, They USE It…

Since launching MarketMeSuite’s Social Inbox we’ve seen something pretty fantastic. People aren’t just trying MarketMeSuite, they are using it. According to our data, over 70% of our active users are opening up MarketMeSuite at least once a day, making it a vital part of their social media marketing strategy.

Speed Improvements

With so many new users coming onto the service (and actively using it) we’ve been making improvements to our servers and hosting to keep speed times fast. We will be releasing our latest speed improvement over the next couple of weeks so you’ll we’ll always move as fast as you do.


Team MarketMeSuite has moved offices.  More on that in a special post dedicated to where we are, and the reasons for it soon!

Tweet Chat

We did a test #MMSChat a few weeks ago and are working on  another one soon. Stay tuned for details.

Connect With Us

We always love to hear from you. Tweet us @MarketMeSuite and @MarketMeHelp, and you can always reach me directly @TammyKFennell.

Have a “Suite” Day!

~Tammy, CEO @MarketMeSuite

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