MarketMeSuite Version 4 Is Going To Be Amazing (Sneak Peek)

Hi Everyone,

We get a lot of tweets everyday, but there’s an overwhelming amount asking about version 4, which we’ve kept details of pretty close to our chest.  But now it’s shaping up to be simply amazing, and I’d like to share a little about it with you.

Web Based

Don’t worry, we’re not getting rid of our beloved desktop Air version, but the time has come to release a web version of MarketMeSuite. This will be iPad optimized (and iPhone soon after its release) and just makes sense. This means, that anywhere you have access to the internet, you’ll be able to use MarketMeSuite.

A Fresh Approach

We’ve all grown “accustomed” (that’s probably the best word), to clients that are incredibly Twitter-centric. MarketMeSuite in its current form is no exception. Most dashboards out there started as a Twitter tool and then had the job of adding networks as they became relevant, and often it’s like fitting a square into a circle.

Version 4 fixes this.There is not one network bias, but rather a sandbox where all relevant networks can play nicely, and you can prioritize their value in your life and your business.  We’re dubbing Version 4 “MarketMeSuite’s Social Inbox.” Think about what something would look like if your e-mail and social media dashboard had a baby. That’s MarketMeSuite’s Social Inbox. It’s highly intuitive, it’s clean, it’s efficient, and it’s seriously awesome.

Extra Options?

One of the nicest tweets and e-mails I get are from people saying:

“I love MarketMeSuite so much that I feel bad that I don’t pay for it.”

I am shocked at the amount of people who say that! We are loving free, and version 4 will be no exception. But, as promised when we made the announcement to go free, we will have paid plans that will appeal to some of our users. And if you’re one of them, you will wonder how you lived without the functionality!

This will not be us cutting back functionality that you’ve grown to depend on, no, not at all. This is giving all the great functionality that you have now free, and adding additional modules for our more advanced users.  We’re talking robust analytics, data storage, filtering, additional team options — tools to help ensure you have a heck of an ROI — you’ll get much more than it costs you to run it.

Sneak Peek!

I think I’d be in real trouble if I didn’t give you at least a small peek at Version 4, MarketMeSuite’s Social Inbox. Still a work in progress! (We’re aiming to have it live in early 2012. Feel free to bug my co-founder and CTO Alan (@Wuup) for more details 😉

Beta Testers

If you’re interested getting early access to MarketMeSuite’s Social Inbox when it’s ready, stay tuned. We’re looking for 200 beta testers. If you are interested please tweet @nikki__peters and make sure you are already a registered MarketMeSuite user. The first who tweet Nikki will get into the trial!

**Update, since publishing this post we’ve already filled half the beta trial so tweet Nikki right away :)

10,000 Users?!

Thanks to all of you who have been helping spread the word about MarketMeSuite and enabling us to make this announcement earlier this week:

We built MarketMeSuite to help other businesses use Social Marketing in a way we felt we needed it in our own businesses. I am truly humbled, and totally thrilled, by the response we’ve been getting!

Stay Suite,  (ok, that was a terrible play on words, I’ll admit it)

Tammy, CEO @MarketMeSuite

You can reach me on Twitter @Tammykfennell

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