HubSpot’s #INBOUND13 Conference: Day 1 Recap

IMG_20130820_092927Although Monday kicked off the four day conference at the Hynes Convention Center in downtown Boston, Tuesday morning was when the real fun began as HubSpot opened its doors to over 5,000 marketers, entrepreneurs and business leaders from around the world to partake in keynotes, bold talks and a complete celebration of the evolution of inbound marketing with #INBOUND13.

As a student-intern for MarketMeSuite, I took full advantage of all the talks and presentations that were available for me to attend and chose the ones that best reflected my current role for the company. Here is the day one summary of my experience at #INBOUND13!

A long line of creators and innovators

I made my way into the convention center for the first time and was blown away by the line of people waiting to be checked in and receive their badges for the conference. It wrapped around the corner and all the way to the other end! The line moved along and before we knew it we were on our way to receive our own badges and make our way to the auditorium to hear the introductory keynote.


Welcome Keynote: Seth Godin

I’m excited for every keynote that HubSpot has planned for #INBOUND13, but one of the keynotes I was looking forward to the most was Seth Godin, a best selling author and owner of one of the world’s most popular blogs on the web:


His keynote was very entertaining that began with the statement: “Professional wrestling is fake.”

It was also really insightful and gave me a better perspective on how the marketing world is changing from an industrial economy and entering the connection economy, which included four key elements for a business to succeed in the new world of connectivity:

1. Coordination.

2. Trust.

3. Permission.

4. Exchange of Ideas.

He had one piece of advice that revolved around a brand and its product that really stuck with me:

“We [humans] will not cross the street for average. We will cross it for something that is alive.”

As he closed his keynote, Seth looked to the crowd of 5,000+ with one simple line:

“We need you to lead us.”

Why You Suck At Brainstorming: Jason Keath


The first of HubSpot’s #INBOUND13 Bold Talks I went to was with the founder of Social Fresh (one of the oldest and most respected social media conferences in the country), Jason Keath. Jason began the talk by introducing another name for brainstorming: “Where the hell do ideas come from?”

Jason talked about the creative process and how to find inspiration for an idea. The three fundamentals of creativity that he focused on were:

1. Freedom: Opening our minds is how we as humans come up with big ideas. Jason included an Albert Einstein quote that I found to be useful: “If at first , the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it.”

2. Scale: Big ideas do not grow in cramped spaces and ideas in general are the canvas of the creative process.

3. Friction: The source of all ideas (most important element). We must remember that ideas happen when expertise brushes up against life experience. They come at unexpected times in our lives.

Jason left the crowd with one piece of advice:

“If you’re struggling, have writer block, or you and your team have hit a roadblock, the solution is to just step back.”

Keynote: HubSpot Co-founder’s Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah


I’m going to finish up my summary of day one with the two individuals that started the company that created #INBOUND13. Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah hit the stage late-afternoon and dived into how inbound marketing has changed with some new product announcements.

Here are some of the key takeaways I got from the co-founders:

1. The customer experience comes first with inbound marketing. It is a combination of marketing, sales, and services.

2. There are still millions of businesses invisible online. You must go above and beyond the call to be noticed and have an impact.

3. It’s not just what your business sells. It’s how you sell it. 

4. The most valuable customers are not the ones who buy the most; they’re the ones who sell the most.


I left day one of #INBOUND13 with an open-mind and a boat load of new perspectives that have me all geared up for day two tomorrow! Check back in Thursday morning to see my day 2 recap that includes president and editor-in-chief of the Huffington Post, Arianna Huffington, and Inbound Rocks! A concert that features the bands Wildside and OneRepublic!

What did you think of #INBOUND13? Who were some of your favorite speakers? Let me know in the comments below!