Alternatives To Tweetdeck if Twitter makes it Twitter Only

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What’s the deal with Tweetdeck?

There’s a lot of guessing going on about whether Tweetdeck will sell to UberMedia, or whether Twitter will come on and defensively buy Tweetdeck, if nothing else, to kill it.  Mike Butcher, in his recent TechCrunch article, points out how important he feels it is for Twitter to acquire this piece of software:


UberMedia buys Tweetdeck, thus gaining around 20% of the userbase of Twitter.

With one fell swoop UberMedia has market power relative to Twitter, plus most of the high value users.

As a result, UberMedia has the power to say to Twitter “We have 20-30 percent of Tweets. So, are you feeling lucky? Are ya?”

UberMedia can then say “Unless you let us sell our own advertising, not yours, against those Tweets, we will have to migrate our user base onto a different platform.”

* Boom *

This is the .44 magnum Bill Gross is holding to Twitter’s head.

I think, the important thing to look at is all the other users of Tweetdeck. The ones who aren’t the “power end user.” Not the fanatical Britney followers or the ones who are desperate to follow what Kim Kardashian is doing. No, I’m talking about the business users, who have decided to go with Tweetdeck for two reasons:  They were early adopters and it was first. And, it’s free.

If Twitter buys Tweetdeck I’m inclined to agree that they will ditch other third part integrations on it. Twitter wants a consistent end user experience. And even if they kill Tweetdeck, end users can migrate just fine to one of their other clients. But what about all those businesses?

Tweetdeck Businesses will have to find another dashboard.

MarketMeSuite has been built with businesses in mind. Our thousands of users comment regularly on how segwaying from Tweetdeck to MarketMeSuite is such a breeze. It’s a similar Adobe Air feel, with a lot more power under the hood.  Let me be clear, we think the world of Tweetdeck. What Iain Dodsworth built is nothing short of a social media miracle for the power users of Twitter. It serves its purpose beautifully and he is going to be a very very wealthy man for it. But when it comes to your businesses, especially your small business, you really need something that can help you grow, and that will grow with you.

MarketMeSuite is not a simply a client.

Twitter has made it clear that they don’t want developers to recreate the twitter experience. They want to “own” those end users. But MarketMeSuite is a Pro-active marketing tool, with google analytics integration, bitly pro, geo-targeting, Facebook marketing, Content Curating with Dotted Content, and a heck of a lot more. To maintain relevancy Twitter themselves have said they are keen to see developers using Twitter data to innovate, just not recreate what they do on their end user clients.  With Moonbase, our web version in the works, MarketMeSuite is going to go even further down innovation lane with a marketing machine that lets you set goals, work as a team, and track your progress. It’s getting exciting!

Don’t Wait until it’s too late.

If the predictions of TechCrunch are to come true, businesses may want to get a head start. There’s nothing fun about a last minute scramble. Here’s a tip for turning your Tweetdeck groups into a Twitter list, which means it can move with you.

To create a new Twitter List based on an existing TweetDeck Group:

  • Click the column header on a TweetDeck Group column
  • Click Export Group as List
  • Check the title and description of your new list, and select Public or Private
  • Click Add Group Members
  • Click Save List
  • Once finished, click the “Completed!” but

Your old TweetDeck Group has now been created a a Twitter List!

We’ll be watching closely as this unfolds. And our commitment to you is this: If businesses are left stranded without their favorite air app (or a cut down version of it), we will do our very best to make the segway into MarketMeSuite as easy as possible.

Happy Tweeting,


CEO @MarketMeSuite