9 LinkedIn Missteps You Can Easily Overcome

LinkedIn may not seem as relevant or active as other social media platforms, but it is the sole social media website that allows you to connect with customers and potential leads in a professional space. If you don’t keep your page active and engaging, users could miss the new perspective you can provide them.

Check out these 9 LinkedIn missteps to avoid and be sure to head over to our latest infographic: 17 LinkedIn Profile Must-Haves.

1. No company page

Over 2.6 million companies already have one, so why don’t you? Having a company page provides statistics of your followers for free and could point you to new leads for your business. You can also share news and information with your followers that will keep them engaged and up-to-date, as well as providing a place to post new positions as your business expands.

Philips has created an inviting company page that includes a regular flow of articles and discussions to keep followers coming back and new people looking at their page every day.

2. Not sharing the right information at the right time

Unlike Twitter and Facebook, anecdotes aren’t exactly what your LinkedIn users are looking for, but rather things that affect your business or changes made to your product or service. These posts should also get to them at the right time, such as the morning rather than midday. According to this infographic, users are more likely to look up news on their LinkedIn in the morning (between 7-8:30a.m. while they are getting settled at work) and in the evening (between 5-6p.m. when they are wrapping up for the day or on their phone while commuting home).

3. Not connecting Linkedin to your website

You may have a really active company page, but no one who goes to your website will know it unless you connect it to your website, just like you would want to do with any other social platform. Instead of making your users do all the hard work to find you, take the initiative to add it!

4. No Products and Services tab

This is a quick fix as well. LinkedIn allows you to add a tab to your page where you can add your product and services. Put in all the things you can provide so people can have a better idea of what you can do for them and so that you can come up in searches for those specific products or services. Users can then ‘recommend’ your business for those products, essentially endorsing them to other users.


5. Not following competitors

Following competitors allows you a first glance at any new things they have going on in their offices. Just like your followers get your latest articles or job postings, you can see the same from your competitors, allowing you to see the direction they may be headed.

On a similar note, you should take advantage of following partners or potential new clients so you have another area you can connect with them online.

6. No LinkedIn Group to gain feedback

Creating a space for followers of your page to connect means:

1. People who like and use your product/services have a place to brag about it and talk about what features make them happy.

2. Features that they dislike or are having issues with you can discover and correct.

Reacting to concerns shows the customer you are listening and that you want to hear their feedback.

7. Not participating in LinkedIn Group discussions

Demonstrating your business knowledge, especially in your particular industry, will bring more views to your page when you join groups and interact on them. Don’t be shy and stray away from expressing your opinion in these groups. You’re part of the biggest professional network in the world, let your voice be heard!

8. Not having employees update their profiles

Your employees are an extension of your brand on LinkedIn, so when people look at your company page they will also try and look at your employees’ page to get a better idea of what you offer and who is doing the work. Employees don’t need to be fully engaged (although the more they speak positively about the product or simply write in discussion boards, the more people will become interested in what they do and where they do it), but they do need to have an up-to-date profile.

9. Not taking advantage of LinkedIn Apps.

LinkedIn has quite a few mobile (and tablet) apps that allow users to connect on the go. One particular app is CardMunch, which allows you to take all the business cards you collect at conferences, take a picture, and it will automatically convert it to a contact. There is also the Contacts app. that keeps all your contacts from LinkedIn in one space, allowing you to look up a name that is connected to a face (or vice versa). Not only can you connect on LinkedIn, but continue those connections on the go!

LinkedIn is the perfect environment to expand your professional network on a website that focuses on what you can offer to the business world. Make sure you take full advantage of everything it has to offer you.

Are there any mistakes you’ve made (and then learned from) on LinkedIn? Let me know in the comments below!

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