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LocalVox Wins Two Best-in-Class Awards

(6/4/2015) LocalVox, the most comprehensive integrated platform for cloud-based local Internet marketing, was awarded two best-in-class awards today for delivery of superior products and services to small business.

Top SEOs awarded the rapidly growing technology company Best Local SEO Company, alongside other industry leaders such as OrangeSoda and Boostability. The winners are chosen by an independent research team at Top SEOs who benchmark and report on the top local SEO companies from around the world.

In addition, LocalVox was named a 2015 Best of Manhattan Software Company, joining the ranks of other innovators such as Intuit, Microsoft, and Inc. The Best of Manhattan recognizes market leaders that have achieved exceptional success in the local community by enhancing the positive image of small businesses.


Yahoo! Finance: LocalVox and The Berry Company Invite Local Businesses to Enter the Second Annual “Next Big SMB” Marketing Makeover Contest

(2/21/2015) 21 local businesses will receive free, expert local online marketing solutions.



TBC: LocalVox Has One of the Highest Retention Rates

(9/23/2014) Local Search Insider details the acquisition of LocalVox by TBC Holdings and how LocalVox has one of the highest customer retention rates of any of the digital marketing products or offerings the company sells to its SMB customers.



Yellow Pages Publisher Acquires LocalVox

(9/23/2014) TBC Holdings, the parent company of The Berry Company, announced today the purchase of LocalVox. The acquisition will bring LocalVox’s LocalCast marketing platform to 100,000’s of local businesses.



Forbes Names LocalVox One of “15 Tech Companies Taking NYC By Storm”

(9/8/14) Forbes recently ranked the 15 hottest New York City technology companies, and LocalVox was ranked #5. Forbes recognized Localvox’s award winning service and products along with their recent partnership with payment giant First Data. LocalVox is in good company on this list with the likes of ZocDoc, Kaltura, Taboola, MongoDB, and Venmo to name a few.



First Data, a Payment Processing Giant, and LocalVox Look Beyond the Swipe

(8/20/2014) First Data Ventures announced a partnership with LocalVox that will close the loop between online marketing and local transactions.



How SMBs Can Create Comprehensive Local Marketing Strategies

(7/22/2014) StreetFight interviewed and cited LocalVox President Trevor Sumner as to what it takes to create a successful local marketing strategy.



How You, the Local Business Owner, Can Take on Amazon

(7/8/2014) Entrepreneur calls out LocalVox as a simple way for local businesses to out market the competition with an all-in-one local marketing platform that optimizes your website, social media, directories, email marketing, SEO and much more.   Simple, effective and affordable.



Content Marketing: The New SMB Paradigm – A New BIA/Kelsey Insight Paper

(6/25/14) LocalVox transforms how local businesses engage with their customers through local content marketing.



5 Cheap Apps That Can Run Your Small Business

(6/4/14) Every small business owner knows they should be on social media, but for many there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to run a business and market online. LocalVox was named the #1 service that’s aiming to solve that problem.



LocalVox Named An Essential Small Business Sales App for 2014

(1/13/14) Small Business CEO named the 8 essential sales apps for SMB’s in 2014. LocalVox was included as an all-in-one branding solution for small and local businesses.



LocalVox’s Postling Software Named One of Top 25 Social Media Tools

(11/4/13) An infographic from Social Media Strategies Summit 2013 was published in Social Media Today naming LocalVox’s Postling software one of the top 25 social media tools.


Forbes Names LocalVox One of “15 Marketing Softwares That Can Boost Your Business”

(7/28/13) A recent Forbes articles has placed LocalVox as one of the top online marketing softwares that can help you boost your business. Specifically, they state that LocalVox is poised to “transform how local businesses market themselves.”



Trevor Sumner Talks Small Business Marketing with Bloomberg Businessweek

(6/14/13) LocalVox President Trevor Sumner spoke today on a small business panel at the Northside Festival in Brooklyn, and shared his thoughts on why small businesses need integrated online marketing solutions.



LocalVox Rated “Best App for Online Presence”

(6/12/13) Local online directory and advertising giant DexOne has rated LocalVox as the best app for managing your online presence. “LocalVox helps small businesses to easily track the visibility of their brand on social media channels, how many people are reading their content, and how many people they can reach. It also includes tools for automatic emails to customers; Facebook and website updates; the ability to publish content across a network of publishers; and the option of updating listing information on about 100 different directories.”



BuyMichLocal.com Partners with LocalVox To Help Local Michigan Businesses

(5/17/13) BuyMichLocal.com, a Michigan directory that promotes local businesses through its website, email blasts and social media, has now partnered with New York City-based LocalVox.com to improve online reputations for Michigan businesses. The partnership will bring a simple, effective and affordable marketing solution to Michigan area businesses.



Top 6 Digital Marketing Platforms for Hyperlocal Publishers

(5/31/13) Street Fight Magazine has just named LocalVox in it’s top 6 digital marketing platforms for hyperlocal publishers, noting that publishers can create new streams of revenue by joining the LocalVox network.



LocalVox Unveils New Mobile Website Builder

(5/15/13) Business News Daily covers the launch of LocalVox’s new mobile website builder, noting that “with the proliferation of smartphones and tablets, businesses can no longer afford to ignore a mobile presence.”



LocalVox Releases Solution to Help Small Businesses Drive Mobile Presence

(5/15/13) Business Insider covers the launch of our LocalVox’s new mobile website builder, noting “By the end of 2013, more people will use mobile devices than desktops to access the Web. This means small businesses without a mobile-friendly site may stand to frustrate potential customers – but startup LocalVox may have a solution.”



Street Fight Names LocalVox in the Top 8 Reputation Management Platforms

(5/14/13) As customer review sites like Yelp, Angie’s List, and TripAdvisor proliferate, reputation management platforms are becoming an increasingly important tool in the local merchant’s arsenal. LocalVox has been named as one of the top reputation management platforms because of its ability to monitor review sites like Yelp and CitySearch, as well as multiple social media channels.



Examiner Calls LocalVox “New Way To Increase Your Online Visibility”

(5/6/2013) – Stephen Demers of Examiner.com admits that while social networks and mobile apps are the wave of the future for marketing, there is a major problem with managing multiple platforms. He praises LocalVox for our ability to integrate multiple solutions into one easy to use product.



LocalVox Featured on American Express As Top Social Media Tool

(5/1/13) LocalVox was chosen as one of the three top social media tools for small business by American Express in the most recent article in their knowledge base. Check out the graphic to see how LocalVox stacks up to the other two industry giants.



LocalVox Named “Top 10 App To Boost Your Small Business”

(4/23/13) Ilya Pozin, a successful entrepreneur and columnist for Inc.com, Forbes and LinkedIn, has named LocalVox number 7 on his list of Top 10 Apps for Small Businesses. In his article, he praises LocalVox as a platform that let’s you “publish news, events, and deal announcements with a click-of-a-button across many online channels, including social media, websites, local directories, and email newsletters.”



Money Talks, But Saving Money Screams: Trevor Sumner Talks About the Importance of Coupons

(3/25/13) LocalVox President Trevor Sumner talks about the importance of online coupons for acquiring new local customers to your business.



LocalVox Named In Huffington Post’s Top 10 Hottest NYC Startups

(3/6/13) For the second year in a row, LocalVox has been ranked as one of the top 10 hottest startups in NYC. The Huffington Post cites LocalVox as a “one-stop-shop solution [that] allows small-to-medium-sized businesses to easily navigate what can often be an overwhelming marketing process.”



The Agency Post Interviews Trevor Sumner

(3/1/13) Trevor Sumner, president and co-founder of LocalVox, shares startup secrets and the importance of local search and mobile marketing for small business owners in this week’s Founders Chronicle column.



LocalVox Turns to SMB Seminars to Drive Leads in New Markets

(2/27/13) LocalVox is expanding from New York and Boston to Washington D.C. The move is a small-but-significant step in the company’s grand plan to replace legacy players like ReachLocal as the marketing platform of choice for local businesses.



What Does An Extra $14 Million Really Buy? An Interview With Trevor Sumner of LocalVox.

(2/14/13) What inspired LocalVox founder Trevor Sumner to quit working for others and start his own company? In this in-depth interview from KillerStartups.com, Trevor explores the history of LocalVox and shares his advice for budding entrepreneurs.


VentureBeat logo

4 Ways to Improve Your SEO – LocalVox Ranks as Industry Leading Tool

(1/25/13) VentureBeat highlights the top 4 SEO tools including LocalVox, specifically with a focus on local SEO for local Internet marketing. ”With many businesses struggling to find the time to manage and update their online presence, LocalVox makes it simple.”



BIA/Kelsey Features LocalVox as the Annual Analyst Pick for SMBs

(1/23/2013) Read BIA/Kelsey’s recent report highlighting LocalVox as a “best cloud-based solution for SMBs”. With all your customers online, marketing is more important than ever, make sure you are equipped with the best solution!



StreetFight Puts LocalVox at the Top of the Marketing Hierarchy for SMBs

(1/24/2013) There are several options for local businesses trying to do their marketing online, and it is always gratifying to be listed as the best. We are both humbled and proud to gain continual commendation for our full-service software that makes online marketing simple, effective and affordable for local SMBs.



LocalVox And The Berry Company Partnership Means “Big Things” For Local Search

(12/6/2012) The Berry Company has partnered with LocalVox to bring its leading local online marketing solution to Berry’s 175,000 local business clients. As traditional and online directories make the move to digital marketing offerings, LocalVox is increasingly seen as a simple to sell solution that provides high value for SMBs. The result is higher sell thru, customer retention and therefore revenue and profitability.



TechCrunch Applauds LocalVox for ‘Bringing Simple, Affordable Marketing to Mom-and-Pop Shops’

(11/1/2012) TechCrunch joined the troupe of experts that chronicled LocalVox’s acquisition of Postling and the release of the new LocalVox product suite. Postling will allow for SMBs to manage all of their social media activity from a Gmail-like inbox while the new suite will increase visibility and further the ease of local online marketing. With the combination of these two heavy-weight tools, local online marketing will practically do itself.



Street Fight Covers LocalVox’s Acquisition of Postling and Release of New Product Suite

(11/1/2012) Street Fight covers the bright and promising new developments being released by LocalVox. Our new product suite will incorporate more real-time tracking of success as well as the integration of our newly acquired social media management tool: Postling. Along with these new features, we have made the application even more intuitive making marketing your local business even easier.



PEHUB Calls LocalVox ‘The Leading Provider of Local, Social and Mobile Marketing Applications’

(11/1/2012) After LocalVox’s acquisition of Postling, the leading application for social media marketing for SMB, PEHUB has featured LocalVox’s success. The acquisition of Postling is another large step towards making online marketing manageable with a single click and it is now under the LocalVox roof.



B2C Says ‘LocalVox Makes it Simple and Easy to Market Your Business’

(10/28/2012) In B2C’s own words ‘online marketing is where it’s at if you want to grow your business brand’ and they couldn’t be more correct. The trouble is, online marketing is difficult and expensive to do on your own. That’s why thousands of local businesses are using our platform to make it easy and affordable.



WIRED calls LocalVox ‘Big-Time Marketing Muscle for SMBs’

(10/18/2012) After our $7.4 Million funding announcement, WIRED features LocalVox praising us as ‘Big-Time Marketing Muscle for SMB’. LocalVox is abounding with anticipation of the growth and continued success that is approaching. With national expansion expected in the imminent future, LocalVox is readying to make online marketing manageable for SMBs around the country.



Business Insider Says LocalVox to ‘Forever Impact the Way We Distribute and Gather Information About Our Favorite Local Spots’

(10/18/2012) Business Insider praises LocalVox for the gains of our services as we raised $7.4 Million in Series A Funding. LocalVox is honored that Business Insider continued to say that LocalVox would forever impact the way local businesses are discovered and marketed. As we progress into the coming months we look forward to joining forces with local businesses to help them compete in this increasingly difficult business environment.



VentureBeat States ‘LocalVox Brings Online Marketing to Mom and Pop Shops’

(10/18/2012) VentureBeat features LocalVox as the tool that will allow local SMBs to keep up with the complexities and ever-changing qualities of online marketing. Giving local SMBs the tools to succeed has always been at the forefront of the LocalVox agenda and we are glad to say we will continue doing exactly that.



GIGAOM Calls LocalVox ‘One-Stop Shop for Local Marketing’

(10/18/2012) Upon announcement of our $7.4 Million Series A Funding, GIGAOM highlighted LocalVox as a remedy for the complications and expense of marketing for small to mid-sized business. LocalVox plans to make this solution nationally accessible and hopes to aid local businesses market themselves all across the country.



Forbes Names LocalVox Top 6 Fast Growing Tech Companies

(10/11/2012) Forbes recognized LocalVox, Kaltura, 2Tor, Noodle, Uber, and Zivelo as one of 6 fast growing tech companies. LocalVox is accelerating upon in it’s industry leading client retention and investing further in their local online marketing solutions while preparing to expand nationally.



AMEX Open Forum Speaks About Increasing Your Online Reach with LocalVox

(9/11/2012) AMEX Open Forum discusses how most small-business owners don’t have the marketing budgets to hire separate firms to manage their company websites, run targeted deals, publish e-newsletters and promote their accounts on various social networking sites, nor do they have the time to handle all these intricate campaigns on their own.



Business Insiders Speaks of The Local Marketing Battle: How To Come Out a Victor

(8/17/2012) If you are like the majority of small business owners out there, you are confused. You’ve read all the articles on how to get your business found, how to increase foot traffic and how to manage your online reputation. You followed all the advice, but you still aren’t getting the response you want and the website ranking you desperately desire. Business Insider talks about some of the best tools for local businesses, including LocalVox.



NY Tech Meetup – Launch Preview of NearSay to the Largest Technology Meetup in NYC

(9/8/2010) The NearSay gives a quick 3 minute preview of the website to 800 NYC technology professionals, fanatics and analysts.



Wall Street Journal – Website Aims to Act Local

(9/16/2010) The Wall Street Journal covers the NearSay launch, the local contributor approach and the need for New Yorkers to cut through all the noise.



PRWeek Features How LocalVox Broadcasts Content Across Multiple Channels

(9/10/2012) PR Week reviews the LocalVox suite of applications and uses Citibabes Kids Gym as a case study about how local businesses can use the Internet to extend their PR plan across the web, a network of local sites, search, email and social media. Increasingly local PR companies have to adopt web-based marketing techniques to compete. LocalVox provides the platform for them to bridge the gap.



StreetFight Magazine Names LocalVox as the top Five 360-Degree Marketing Platforms for SMBs

(7/17/2012) StreetFight explains 360 Degree Marketing for Small and Medium sized Business to create and manage social media marketing and hyperlocal marketing all under one roof. LocalVox is the full service solution for local businesses looking to spend less time on internet marketing. Localvox “helps its clients target new customers and increase their search engine rankings by running online promotions, publishing e-newsletters, updating directory listings, updating their own websites, and auto-publishing content on social media networks.”



Forbes Names LocalVox Top Local Online Marketing App for Local Business

(5/29/2012) Forbes recognizes LocalVox as the sole marketing app among their list of top 10 apps for local businesses. The list includes Square for payment processing, Google for apps and storage and Evernote for organization. Forbes highlights that LocalVox “enables owners to publish news, events and deal announcements with a click-of-a-button across many online channels, including social media, websites, local directories and email newsletters.”



Business Insider – LocalVox Named One of the Ten Hottest NYC Startups

(2/17/2012) Business Insider recognizes LocalVox as “at the helm of retail’s emerging ‘social-local-mobile’ trend.” Having crossed 300 notable clients and $1M in annualized revenue less than a year after launch, LocalVox is poised for growth in NYC and new markets.



Business Insider – NearSay to Join Hyperlocal News Crowd in NYC

(9/20/2010) Business Insider and WebNewser cover the NearSay launch and our mission to recreate local news


Daily News Profiles LocalVox as the Startup who helps Small Businesses Increase their Marketing Presence in NYC

(4/6/2012) The New York Daily News profiles LocalVox in a full-page article as “the digital marketing tool helps small businesses with limited budgets compete against the big guys”, with “100 clients signing up per month.” Its “simple and affordable” and “the whole package.”



Disruptathon – NearSay Selected as One of the Eight Most Transformative Companies in the Media Industry

(6/2/2011) Disruptathon, an organization that recognizes emerging companies across a broad range of industries, selected NearSay as one of the eight most disruptive media companies from the hundreds of companies which applied. NearSay will present to a panel of sponsors including USA Today, Gannett, O’Reilly Media and others on June 16th at the USA Today Headquarters in Washington DC to compete for the prestigious honor.



Entrepreneur Magazine Features LocalVox as the New Platform for Hyper-Local Marketing for Small Businesses

(4/3/2012) Entrepreneur Magazine profiles LocalVox CEO David Pachter in an article discussing the demand and supply for hyper-local marketing tools for small businesses and how LocalVox and its services have met the challenge thus far for New York City.



Entrepreneur Magazine Names LocalVox Top 5 SEO Tool for Local Businesses

(5/1/2012) Entrepreneur Magazine names LocalVox as one of the top 5 SEO tools: “for many small-business owners, the demands of both traditional and local SEO can be overwhelming … LocalVox offers users a number of local SEO services, including automatic social networking site updates, ‘daily deal’ style services, and place listing management.”



FOX Good Day New York lists LocalVox as the #1 High Tech Tool for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

(2/27/2012) FOX5′s Good Day New York and Scott Gerber, founder of The Young Entrepreneurs Council, discuss six “must have” tools for entrepreneurs and small business owners, with LocalVox being the #1 listed.



FoxNews Business – NearSay Aims to Act Hyperlocal

(2/17/2011) On Fox News Business Lunch, Tricia Byrnes talks with NearSay founders David Pachter and Trevor Sumner about NearSay, AOL’s recent acquisition of Huffington Post and the state of the local news market. 10 minute video spot.



LocalVox Named As A Startup 2012 Finalist

(4/26/2012) A judging panel of venture capital professionals and industry insiders names LocalVox as a finalist among hundreds of submitted startups for Startup 2012, a judged competition at the Startup 2012 conference.



MSNBC and American Express OpenForum Talk About LocalVox being a “Great Service” for Small Businesses

(3/8/2012) Melinda Emerson, the host of “SmallBizChat,” and Scott Gerber, the founder of the Young Entrepreneur Council, answer viewer questions about customer loyalty and social media marketing tools. LocalVox is mentioned multiple times, as a “great service” and is “easy to use” with “just the click of a button.”



NY Tech Blog – An Interview with Trevor Sumner, Head of Products and Marketing for NearSay

(12/14/2010) An interview with one of NearSay’s founders covering NearSay, our mission and what’s important in starting a business.



Poynter – 4 Lessons for the Hyperlocal Industry from the Streetfight Summit

(10/22/2011) In this article, Poynter highlights the key lessons for media companies in the hyperlocal industry starting with the monetization of local businesses and the types of solutions that are required. The LocalVox platform was specifically highlighted for it’s ability to engage local businesses with high retention and long-term revenue potential.



Scoutmob Local Mug – Meet Trevor Sumner, Neighborhood News Wrangler

(4/28/2011) ScoutMob highlights NearSay and co-founder, Trevor Sumner, sharing what’s unique about NearSay, some of his favorite 250 contributors and what’s next for NearSay on their website and in a newsletter to over 75,000 New Yorkers.



TechCrunch – LocalVox Launches Full-Service Marketing Solution To Help Local Merchants Target Their Customers

(11/29/2011) TechCrunch covers the launch of LocalVox 2.0, the local merchant marketing platform that allows businesses to generate and distribute news to local consumers across the web, email, social media and local directories. LocalVox 2.0 represents a next generation monetization opportunity for local publishers.



The Next Web – 11 New York City Startups to Watch in 2011

(1/4/2011) The Next Web covers the most exciting new startups in New York City and names NearSay as number two.



BIA Kelsey – Neighborhood Site NearSay Wants to Take a Bite Out of Big Apple Clutter

(9/28/2010) BIA Kelsey, an active analyst on hyperlocal news covers NearSay’s strategy of providing news from expert sources in an othewise crowded New York media market.



Worth Magazine – NearSay CEO, David Pachter, Named One of the Top 20 Entrepreneurs to Watch

(5/26/2011) Worth Magazine, whose tagline is “The Evolution of Financial Intelligence,” recently released their 2011 list of 20 Entrepreneurs to Watch. Entrepreneurs were recognized across a broad range of traditional and digital industries and included NearSay CEO, David Pachter. In the article, David is quoted on the excitement of starting early stage ventures with long lasting effects and the importance of relevant local news.

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