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The LocalVox Network reaches millions of consumers, targeted by location and interest. Interested to see if your site is eligible to join LocalVox Publisher’s Network? Although advertising revenues are declining, large local publishers are in an advantageous position to capture the fast growing $38b being spent in local online marketing – and it’s growing to $150b in 2016.

Local publishers have a strong brand, a targeted audience, community ties, feet on the street and engaging content. Partnering with LocalVox helps local publishers by:

  • Generating a fast-growing recurring revenue stream that is orders of magnitude more valuable than traditional CPMs
  • Capturing new revenue segments from SMBs that are creative to traditional regional business advertisers
  • Creating valuable local content and therefore generating greater SEO and larger audiences.
  • Putting the publisher at the center of the local business’ marketing strategy by creating a value greater than what a local publisher can offer on their own
  • Letting local publishers focus on sales while LocalVox provides world-class support and retention to create exponential growth

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LocalVox for Smaller Publishers and Blogs

Making money as a local publisher is hard. We make it easy. Our network is comprised of some of the most reputable and popular local sites. Joining the LocalVox Publisher Network will immediately allow you to:

  • Earn higher CPMs than Google AdSense pays and other networks
  • Deliver valuable local content targeted to your market’s readers and styled to your site’s aesthetic
  • Automatically enroll in our merchant referral program which can earn you premium revenue

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