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Yellow Pages and Directory Providers are successfully making the move to digital. Local print directory and yellow pages providers are facing increasing pressure to capture more revenue in the face of the changing local marketing industry:

  • Consumers use multiple sources, including search engines, yellow pages and social media, when searching for local businesses. The local SMB utilizes 5.8 media in order to reach today’s savvy consumer. (BIA Kelsey, LCM Wave 16 Highlights: Core SMBs, October 19, 2012)
  • Local online marketing industry is set to grow from $38b to $150b in the next 4 years

As a result, local directories have must partner with digital solution providers that leverage their strengths:

  • Large, effective local sales forces
  • Established, trusted local brand
  • Large existing customer bases looking for a local online marketing solution

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LocalVox Provides an Easy to Sell Solution with High Retention and a Profitable Recurring Price Point

Many local directories are struggling to profitably grow solutions revolving around advertising, because of margin pressures and customer retention. LocalVox provides the leading local online marketing platform to directory providers that address their core challenges:

Are You a Directory Provider Looking For a Profitable Revenue Growth Strategy?

profit-chartLocalVox can show you case studies, best practices and provide a path to profitable revenue growth by adopting the industry leading local online marketing solution for SMBs. LocalVox will provide a free consultation and help you project revenue and profitability, as well as look how new services can slow the attrition of existing offerings.

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